MBWG ITB Goes To GPMB 2018

MBWG ITB mengikuti ajang kompetisi GPMB XXXIV dengan membawakan tema “Cross The Line”. Cerita dari paket yang dibawakan adalah sebagai berikut.

[Cross The Line : Behind Story]
A repression. Restrained by ‘the power’. Not owning ourselves. Everything we do are ruled by strict line, it feels like we are in prison cell. Sadism, persecution, exploitation of everything we have, are the terms described us well. Sometimes, ‘the power’ strive us to be whatever they want, playing the sexiest jazz that could be, being crazy on the dance floor, even crying and kneeling for forgiveness. No one is brave enough to protest. No one.
Until one day, when they feel hopeless after losing their pride, someone talks about rebelion. That this persecution era, these lines and prison boxes, need to be stopped by now. He talks deeply to all people about hope, about freedom. He burns the light of spirit which still exist in each soul of the standing men over there. They want to rebel. They want to cross the border, they want to fight ‘the power’ and leave all the burden which has been hedging them tight. They want to cross the line.
So it is. By the burning spirit of their own, they start the opposition. It might seem hard to win this war, but they keep fighting and fighting, until the awaited moment come, they successfully win, and cross the line. Now, they do not have to face the exploitation, the strict rules and prison cell. They can do everything they want, they can be everything they want. Line has been crossed. They do not know what will happen after this, what existed outside the border, but one thing they know: they are ready for it!

[Cross The Line : The Note]
This is not only talks about an era, a district, or a close-minded culture exists in our life, but also about a free soul that must be released inside our body. Are you still questioning about your existence, your definition of freedom and happiness? Are you going to do something huge, jump the stepping stone, cross the border built by your surrounding but you are still afraid of it? What are you waiting for? Don’t just stare it, cross it!

Pencapaian MBWG ITB dalam mengikuti mata lomba Display Open pada GPMB 2018, sebagai berikut :
1. Peringkat 7 kategori Teknik Brass Terbaik
2. Peringkat 8 kategori Teknik Perkusi Terbaik
3. Peringkat 6 kategori Teknik Pit Instrument Terbaik
4. Peringkat 5 kategori Ensemble Color Guard Terbaik (termasuk perhitungan Teknik Color Guard)
5. Peringkat 5 kategori Ensemble Music Terbaik
6. Peringkat 3 kategori Ensemble Visual Terbaik
7. Peringkat 6 kategori Show and Performance Terbaik
8. Peringkat 5 kategori Field Commander Terbaik
9. Pencapaian Umum : Juara 5 Divisi Utama
Selamat atas pencapainnya dan terima kasih untuk seluruh pihak yang telah membantu sepanjang keberjalanan MBWG ITB dalam mengikuti GPMB 2018! Semoga dapat terus meningkatkan prestasi yang telah diraih tahun ini!